H24 by Hermes Review: A Fresh Take on Men’s Perfumery in the 21st Century

When I first learned about the Eau de Toilette release of H24 by Hermes, or as pronounced in French, ‘Ash-Van-Kaat,’ I was captivated by the promise it held. This fragrance, emerging as a significant release under the helm of Hermes’ new in-house perfumer Christine Nagel, follows the acclaimed tenure of Jean-Claude Ellena. With my deep affection for Terre d’Hermes, another Hermes classic, my expectations for H24 were sky-high.

First Impressions and the Scent’s Evolution

Upon acquiring H24 from the Hermes website about two years ago, I was eager to immerse myself in its olfactory narrative. At first spray, the perfume unfolds a green tapestry, adorned with sage and narcissus flower, creating a uniquely floral and green ambiance. There’s a hint of hay, perhaps a nod to coumarin or its synthetic counterparts, which adds a rustic charm to the composition.

The heart of H24 lies in its innovative use of sclarine, a synthetic aroma chemical that evokes the scent of steam from a hot iron or freshly laundered linens. This note is significantly amplified in H24, a characteristic twist of Christine Nagel’s style where she often super doses a particular raw material to lend the perfume a distinctive edge.

The Scent’s Progression and Longevity

As the fragrance settles on my skin, the green notes evolve, acquiring a slightly bitter quality that I find particularly pleasing. The sage, initially more prominent, gradually makes way for a subtle oak moss that imparts an earthy depth. Despite this complexity, H24 remains remarkably fresh and approachable, with a clean profile that leans towards the style of a fougere, yet distinctively different.

In terms of longevity, H24 excels, maintaining a persistent presence on my skin without being overwhelmingly projecting. This trait makes it an ideal choice for a work setting or daily wear.

Design and Versatility

The design of the H24 bottle, shifting geometrically from rectangular to diamond, is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, encapsulating the essence of the scent it houses. Although it might seem basic at first glance, there’s an underlying elegance that resonates with the Hermes brand.

Comparing the Eau de Parfum version of H24, I noticed an enhanced presence of oak moss, which helped me appreciate this note’s role in the Eau de Toilette. While the Eau de Parfum suits cooler weather with its intensified warmth, the Eau de Toilette version of H24 shines in its versatility, suitable for a broader range of temperatures, save for the extremes of summer and winter.

Conclusion and Value

While H24 may not dethrone the legendary Terre d’Hermes in my personal collection, it stands as a proud and unique addition to the Hermes men’s fragrance line. Its distinct character, embodying the essence of Hermes, makes it a worthy successor and a testament to Christine Nagel’s innovative approach to perfumery.

For those considering a purchase, I recommend exploring discount options, where a reasonable price would be around $80 for 100 milliliters. H24, with its unisex appeal and unique green character, is a fragrance that won’t resonate with everyone, but for those intrigued by its profile, it’s a scent that warrants attention.

In summary, Hermes’ H24 Eau de Toilette is a commendable creation, balancing innovation and tradition, and a fragrance that I find myself reaching for with regularity. Its ability to adapt to various settings and seasons, coupled with its distinct character, makes it a versatile and enjoyable addition to any fragrance collection.

Hermes' H24 Eau de Toilette is a commendable creation, balancing innovation and tradition, and a fragrance that I find myself reaching for with regularity.